3-3-3 Truck

We’re a catering truck based in the East/South Bay, California. We do three different cuisines of tacos and burritos (Mexican/Korean/Indian) for a total of 9 different taco/burrito options!! Every now and then to offer additional variety, we implement weekly specials such as quesadillas, Indian bento boxes with garlic naan, rice bowls, and many different custom drinks that are always made from scratch!

Facebook: /333Truck        Twitter: @333Truck


Adam’s Grub Truck


Adam’s Grub Truck is a mobile food kitchen operating in the northern peninsula bay area serving an infusion of Chinese and American traditions into uniquely delicious sandwiches. We pride ourselves on enthusiastic and personable customer service, efficiency, knee buckling food, and the most bang for your buck.

Facebook: /adamsgrubtruck    Twitter: @adamsGrubTruck


An The Go

The An Family first started serving Garlic Noodles 41 years ago, when we opened our first restaurant, Thanh Long, in 1971. Because the noodles have been such a big hit, we’ve decided to take the secret kitchen dish to the streets with the An the Go Food truck. Be sure to “like” the page to get updates on specials and spots we hit throughout the Bay Area.
Facebook: /AnTheGoSF       Twitter: @AnTheGo

Astronaut Cafe

The name “Astronaut Cafe” came from our love of astronauts and cosmonauts, and what they did for the collective imagination of the world. That, and we like the idea of a cafe with a bunch of astronauts talking and drinking coffee.

Facebook: /AstronautCafe                              Twitter: @astronautcafe


Bacon Bacon

The bacon food truck for San Francisco.

Facebook: /BaconBaconTruck       Twitter: @baconbaconSF

bbq kalbi

BBQ Kalbi

BBQ Kalbi brings quality Korean fusion cuisine to the people of the bay area! We combine healthy ingredients into tasty, affordable foods everyone can enjoy.

Twitter: @BBQKALBI


Benedict Arnold’s

Purveyor of the Mobile Brunch.


Twitter: @eggtrucksf

beyond border better

Beyond the Border

Explore your boundaries, latin american favorites; pupusas, tacos, tortilla soup, grilled steak salads.

Facebook: /beyondthebordersf                   Twitter: @beyond_borderSF


Boardwalk Eats

When Boardwalk Eats was started in February 2013, it was created to bring quality Island Style food to the Bay Area food truck world. Darin Petersen, our head chef, is the culinary master behind our menu items and has an extensive background in Hawaiian food.

Facebook: /boardwalkeats               Twitter: @boardwalkeatssf


Bob Cha Korean

Bob Cha means food truck in Korean. Come find us whenever you want Korean food.

Facebook: /KoreanBobCha    Twitter: @BobChaSF



Inspired by the SF Bay Area’s best Backyard Barbeques and a primal urge to feast together, The Boneyard Food Truck celebrates our position at the top of the food chain. Our meats are smoked and roasted to succulent perfection every day. Paired with fresh homemade breads and seasonal side dishes, we create exciting flavor combinations that are sure to awaken your inner carnivore.

Twitter: @BoneyardTruck         Facebook: /BoneyardTruck


Bowl’D Acai

Acai bowls are thick parfaits on tropical, chilled steroids. First, we blend organic frozen Acai Roots with various fruits and coconut water. Next, the thick, creamy blend is topped with One Planet custom homemade granola and lovingly adorned with fresh cut strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and coconut shavings. A delicate drizzle of honey adds a certain luster to the whole affair. Enjoy a bowl for breakfast, lunch, or anytime you need a pick me up!

Facebook: /BowldAcai   Twitter: @BowldAcai


Brass Knuckle

Music inspired food truck! Where music and great taste clash!

Facebook: /BrassKnuckle                  Twitter: @BrassKnuckleSF



Amazing artisan Sonoran burritos, done simply with sustainable ingredients in thin yet stretchy tortillas.

Twitter: @Burr_Eatery         Facebook: /TheBurrEatery

candy bar


The food truck for San Francisco’s first dessert lounge.

Facebook: /candybarsf       Twitter: @candybarsf


Carribean Spices

Carribean-style grill and seafood! Let us take you to the Carribean!



Using secret recipes from the Little Red Cookbook, the Chairman is leading the Great Culinary Leap Forward. – it’s bold, spicy, unique, fast and delicious.

Facebook: /TheChairmanTruck                  Twitter: @chairmanTruck


Cheese Gone Wild

Gourmet mobile food truck specializing in 1/3 lb gourmet burgers, delicious grilled cheese melts, fresh salads, hot soup & yummy desserts. Serving San Mateo & San Francisco counties at private events at your home or business. We also do catering.

Facebook: /CheeseGoneWild       Twitter: @CheeseGoneWild


Chef Pelle

Delicious Nordic and Scandinavian influenced cuisine

Facebook: /ChefPelle       Twitter: @ChefPelle


Cluck It Up

Cluck It Up is a mobile eatery on the streets of San Francisco. Cluck It Up serves amazing Chicken Wings paired with their signature sauces. Dip your tasty wings into Garlic Butter Parmesan, Sweet and Tangy BBQ, Nacho Cheese with Bacon, or Sweet Chili Sauce. Check the truck often for their rotating specials.

Facebook: /cluckitup             Twitter: @cluckitup

CG Logo Field Green Check Us Out

Country Grill

Country Grill is a mobile food unit that specializes in rotisserie chicken and meats including pork ribs, turkey thighs as well as flavorful side dishes. We serve mostly locally sourced meats and vegetables from small farms no further than 100 miles from the Bay area.

Twitter: @Countrygrillsf



Curry UP Now

Indian Street Food on 3 Mobile Food Trucks and a Brick & Mortar location inspired from street foods in India and Indian foods popular in other parts of the world.

Facebook: /curryupnow     Twitter: @cuppyupnow


Del Popolo

Del Popolo is a mobile pizzeria committed to creating rustic Neopolitan-inspired pizza using ingredients sourced from small, generational producers. Del Popolo is housed in a twenty-foot trans-atlantic shipping container that’s been re-purposed and modified into a kitchen. A wall of glass doors exposed the interior, including the traditional Italian-made wood-fired oven.

Facebook: /PizzaDelPopolo       Twitter: @pizzadelpopolo


Doc’s of the Bay

The shack of yesteryear provided its patrons with a place to sit on a stool and waft in the billowing scents of frying onions, ground beef, and cheese, which, when combined, always made you feel good. We at Doc’s have made four innovations to freshen this indispensable experience and let it sit well with the contemporary conscience.

Facebook: /docsofthebay           Twitter: @docsofthebay


Dum Truck

Dum is Indian comfort food with a punch of flavors. Every bite is a unique experience that awakens your palate – its sweet, sour, salty and spicy with aromas that remind you of the busy streets of India. Dum Foodtruck will serve biryani, layers of rice & protein with spices & fresh herbs. Primary focus of the truck will be biryani, other menu options such as fried chicken 65, Indian flavor inspired sandwiches, pav bhaji, pakoras (fritters), chaat etc…will also be offered. All the items on the menu has a healthy initiative with most of them being gluten – dairy free, along with a focus on utilizing fresh local ingredients.

Facebook: /dumsf       Twitter: @dumsf

bistro bus

Dusty Buns Bistro

Dusty Buns Bistro & Bus are serving up local organic sandwiches with fresh California flavor!  We hand make each BUN and bake them daily. We feature the Central Valley’s harvest in every bite!  Walk into the smell of our slow cooked Soup du Jour, refresh with a crisp Market Salad and treat yourself to a seasonal Sweet while you’re at it!

Facebook: /DustyBunsBistro             Twitter: @dustybunsbistro



Born, raised and braised in Ireland and Eritrea, we have always had one thing in common: a love for wholesome, fresh and delicious food.

Facebook: /EireTrea                Twitter: @EireTrea


El Calamar

Delicious Peruvian specialties!

Twitter: @ElCalamar        Facebook: /ElCalamar


El Sur

The ingredients for El Sur’s empanadas are sourced from Northern California’s best purveyors. The herbs, olives and many of the vegetables are grown and harvested from the Despres’ family property in Sonoma. We hope you enjoy eating them as much as we enjoy making them.

Facebook: /elsursf           Twitter: @elsursf


Espresso Subito

Gary started Espresso Subito in 1998. For the past 13 years, he has been catering his beans all over California, Nevada, and Arizona. He has built his bean business with a faithful and loyal following of clients: Legion of Honor, Fort Mason, Moscone Center, UC Berkeley, USF, Galleria, W Hotel, and more. Gary uses Organic Fair Trade Coffee, his own special and proprietary Blend of Beans roasted locally. The beans are roasted in small batches to Gary’s specifications producing memorable beverages.

Facebook: /EspressoSubito                      Twitter: @EspressoSubito


Euro Bistros

A variety of delicious gourmet European cuisines designed for every palette. Meatballs for meatlovers, Zucchhini “noodles” for the gluten free/low carb lover, and everything in between. We always have a wide variety available!

Facebook: /EuroBistrospage                                   Twitter: @eurobistros


Firetrail Pizza

Firetrail Pizza unites two of the coolest culinary traditions—fresh handmade pizzas baked in a mobile wood-fired oven. Our custom wood-fired oven trailer provides the San Francisco Bay Area with mouthwatering pizza cooked on-site for every occasion.

Facebook: /Firetrail-Pizza                                Twitter: @FiretrailPizza


Fiveten Burger

An Oakland-based food truck with artisan burgers and sandwiches made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

Facebook: /fivetenburger                   Twitter: @fivetenburger


France Delices

Authentic French bistro street food, including gourmet sausages and pommes frites.

Twitter: @FranceDelicesSF       Facebook: /FranceDelicesSF


Frozen Kuhsterd

Frozen custard is a cold dessert similar to ice cream, made with eggs in addition to cream and sugar. One claim traces its invention to Coney Island in 1919.

Facebook: /FrozenKuhsterd          Twitter: @FrozenKuhsterd



Inspired by great artisanal foods of the world combined with a street food approach we craft healthy, inexpensive, fast, delicious food. We also strive to support other artisanal producers when purchasing meats, cheeses, vegetables and many other ingredients.

Facebook: Eat Fuki            Twitter: @Eat Fuki

garden c

Garden Creamery

Trucking with Amazing Vegan Sorbets & Frozen Mousse Novelties…. A mobile Dessert General Store!

Facebook: /gardencreamery          Twitter: @gardenCreamery


Golden Waffle

Golden Waffle serves the Original Belgian Sugar Waffles. Think of Golden Waffle Mobile for your next parties. Great for breakfast, a tasty snack or dessert.

Facebook:  /TheWaffleMobile               Twitter: @TheWaffleMobile


Grillaz Gone Wild

Grillaz Gone Wild is a Gourmet Food Truck running the streets of the Bay Area. We specialize in Philly Cheesesteaks, other sandwiches, fries, fish and chips, burgers and MORE!!!

Facebook: /Grillaz-Gone-Wild        Twitter: @GrillazGoneWild


Gyro & Cheesesteak Trolley

Quick, hearty, and quality food at the Gyro & Cheesesteak Trolley. Prepared from the finest ingredients and Halal (kosher) meat, you will not be disappointed with your order!

Facebook: /gyroandcheesesteaktrolley             Twitter: @GyroCheesesteak


Gyros on Wheels

Welcome to one of the most convenient ways that offers Middle Eastern & Mediterranean fresh Gyros, Shawarma and Doner sandwich or plate for your guests while you enjoy the party. 

Website:/       Twitter: @GyrosOnWheels


Hapa SF

Hapa San Francisco is an upstart Mobile Modern Organic Filipino food truck serving up local and sustainable filipino dishes with a California twist.

Facebook: /Hapa-SF        Twitter: @HapaSF

hella vegan

Hella Vegan Eats

Hella Vegan Eats is a celebration of vegan cuisine and creative movement dedicated to discovering, developing, and sharing more sustainable ways to enjoy food.

Facebook: /Hella-Vegan-Eats          Twitter: @hellaveganeats



Mobile food truck serving hot fusion sandwiches made with fresh ingredients. We pay homage to Bánh mì, Vietnamese sandwich, as we pulled our inspiration from it. Our fusion flavors are bold and balanced. We are serving San Mateo, San Francisco and Santa Clara counties.

Facebook: /hiyaaaroll                        Twitter: @hiyaaaroll


Hongry Kong

At Hongry Kong, our mission statement is simple. We want to make you feel happy because we live by the words “ the stomach is the way to your heart.” We understand some of you may be too busy to cook at home, therefore we have selectively prepared our favorite dishes and snacks from Hong Kong in one convenient place for you to stop by and grub on. We are dedicated to serving traditionally prepared Hong Kong cafe style food with quality and taste in mind.

Facebook: /Hongry Kong                  Twitter: @HongryKong



Soft serve ice cream and floats crafted from local organic produce. No extracts and nothing artificial — just fresh picked flavors right from the farm!

Facebook: /iceboxsf               Twitter: @icebox_sf

photo (14)

Joey the Cat Skee Ball Trailer

Popularized on boardwalks and arcades across the country, Skeeball is now fully mobile and ready gameplay! The world’s first Skeeball trailer calls Soma StrEat Food Park it’s home, but it can be rented for parties, events and fun times. Challenge your friends, re-experience the nostalgic game of Skeeball and roll a game today. Visit for more information!

Facebook: /SkeeBallChampion         Twitter: @joeythecat


Kasa Indian

Honoring simple, homestyle Indian food at reasonable prices using local and natural ingredients Best New Restaurant (SF Weekly), Best Meal Under $15 (7×7 Mag), Best Indian Restaurant (7×7 Mag)

Facebook: /kasaIndian    Twitter: @KasaIndian


Keep Rolling

Traditional Hungarian pastry Kürtős Kalács also known as the Chimney Cake are now rolling on the Keep Rolling Food Truck! Check out our menu for our selection. They are great for breakfast, light lunch/dinner, snack or just anytime you want it!

Facebook: /keeprollingco       Twitter: @keeprollingco


Koja Kitchen

Gourmet food truck offering Korean-Japanese fast casual cuisine.

Facebook: /KojaKitchen   Twitter:@KojaKitchen



Kokio Republic

‘Kokio Republic’ is a Korean Fried Chicken Food Truck in San Francisco and Bay Area, CA Find the Crispy! Finger-licking! Addictive! Korean style fried chicken nowhere but at Kokio Republic Food Truck!

Facebook: /kokiorepublic      Twitter: @kokiorepublic


Kung Fu Tacos

Asian Inspired Tacos: East meets South…of the border

Facebook: /KungFuTacos        Twitter: @KungFuTacos


Lexie’s Frozen Custard

Alexis LeCount has been cooking and catering for over ten years. Her passion is desserts, and she especially enjoys creating special occasion cakes. She first fell in love with frozen custard in college and has been plotting her custard empire ever since.

Facebook: /LexiesFrozenCustard              Twitter: @lexiesfrozen


Lil’ Burma

Sharing borders with India, China, Laos and Thailand, Burmese cuisine is influenced by the spices, seasonings, ingredients, and cooking styles of its neighbors. We bring the freshest ingredients & most flavorful spices to create authentic Burmese dishes.
Twitter: @LilBurma     Facebook: /LilBurma 

Little Green Cyclo

Littlegreencyclo brings fresh, delicious, Vietnamese street food to the Bay area.

Facebook: /lilgreencyclo          Twitter:  @lilgreencyclo


Little Red Riding Truck

This is the new Food Truck in San Francisco with lecker traditional German Food as sehr gut as you can imagine! You can look forward to Bratwurst, Currywurst, Schnitzel, Sauerkraut, Spätzle, and more!

Facebook: /LittleRedRidingTruck


Lobsta Truck

Upon the truck’s 2010 debut, LA Weekly posited that it might be the best lobster roll in Los Angeles (a city admittedly short on lobster roll options, but still), and today, there are a pair of Lobsta Trucks down south — with a third coming to the Bay Area.

Facebook: /LobstaTruck         Twitter: @LobstaTruck


Manna Sushi

Manna is the first mobile SUSHI truck in the Bay Area, and we offer our customers an exciting menu, is to let you choose your own ingredients to create a custom roll or hand-roll of YOURS. On the menu page, you’ll discover some unique rolls that are created by the customers. so come check us out today, we can’t wait to see how creative you could ROLL!!!!

Facebook: /manna.jpt      Twitter: @mannajpt


Mayo & Mustard

We are a gourmet food truck offering delicious hot deli-style sandwiches to the Bay Area. Our mission is to spread the “Mayo & Mustard sandwich experience” and captivate the appetites of those who love sandwiches. We put our love into every sandwich we make.

Facebook: /MayoAndMustard           Twitter: @MayoAndMustard

me meli

Me Meli

Loukoumades are a traditional Greek dessert puff drizzled with a honey syrup, topped with cinnamon and walnuts.  Customarily they are sold in Greek restaurants, but after realizing the lack of this tasty treat in the Bay Area, we at Me Méli decided to bring them to the masses!

Facebook: /Me-Meli                  Twitter: @SFmemeli


Me So Hungry

Discerning foodies with insatiable appetites set out on a mission to give you THE best gourmet sliders & burgers on the planet. Me So Hungry Mobile Gourmet Food Truck was created by a team of top chefs & “foodies” with insatiable appetites who are committed to bringing quality gourmet food to the masses without the gourmet price. Using only fresh high-quality ingredients, Me So Hungry serves up a fusion of world flavors that will satisfy any hungry monster.

Facebook: /MeSoHungrySF         Twitter: @MeSoHungrySF

1000316_166409810212422_2056079986_n (3)

Me So Hungry Too

The sister truck. Discerning foodies with insatiable appetites set out on a mission to give you the best gourmet sliders & burgers on the planet.


Facebook: /MeSoHungryToo                           Twitter: @mesohungrytoo

melt bus


Headquartered in San Francisco, California, THE MELT is simply “Grilled Cheese Happiness.” Currently operating 15+ locations throughout California, this fast casual eatery combines chef inspired, all natural, wholesome food with innovative online ordering technology in an eco friendly environment.

Facebook: /TheMelt                              Twitter: @The_Melt



Think of us as a moving restaurant that serves freshly made wholesome food in a bowl. We promise to fill you up with affordable options that offer a distinctly Chinese & California character to it. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never eaten a rice bowl before or you are someone that eats rice every day, we are here to further the fact that ‘street’ food can also mean delicious and affordable foods together.

Facebook: /mobowl         Twitter: @eatmobowl


My Shrimp Shack

My Shrimp Shack serves Asian Fusion / Hawaiian cuisine in the Bay Area.

Facebook: /My-Shrimp-Shack        Twitter: @MyShrimpShack


Naked Chorizo

papino! Introducing Spanish Filipino food with a twist of Nakedness, Sexy spicy, Sexy saucy and just a tad naughty..

Facebook: /NakedChorizo          Twitter: @NakedChorizo1


Nucha Empanadas

Nucha Empanadas are handmade from scratch using dough that does NOT contain beef fat, and is stuffed with lots of yummy fillings, using organic, local ingredients whenever possible.

Facebook: /NuchaEmpanadas      Twitter: @NuchaEmpanadas


Old World Food Truck

From pierogies to kreplach, borscht to goulash, choppped liver, blintzes and schnitzels, try some of the Old World made from local and organic ingredients. Join us in our exploration of the regions’ food, culture, humor and more. Looking for a truck, and in the meantime making dinners at La Victoria Bakery and Cafe

Facebook: /OldWorldFoodTruck         Twitter: @OldWorldTruck

oui chef

Oui Chef

Oui Chef is an outstanding International fusion food truck specializes in French/American food. We work to bring gourmet to the streets. We work with fresh local ingredients to prepare our foods.


Pacific Puffs

Pacific Puffs is dedicated to offering premium, home-baked style cream puffs using only the finest fresh local ingredients. Our handcrafted puffs have been perfected over decades as an old family recipe and are baked daily using our signature small batch baking method to ensure the highest quality.

Facebook: /pacificpuffs         Twitter: @PacificPuffs


Phat Thai

Phat Thai is the brainchild of 2 brothers from San Francisco who were spoiled by their mom’s delicious cooking.  A private chef by day, Wannee Hossain has brought the true flavors of Thailand to friends and family for over 30 years.  Armed with a background in hospitality and having once owned their own Thai restaurant, the Hossain family is fully equipped to rock the food truck world!  Bobby and Alom Hossain hope to continue their mother’s legacy, presenting her incredible Thai staples with a modern twist.

Facebook: /PhatThaiSF          Twitter: @PhatThaiSF


Post Street Creamery

Our artisanal ice cream is handmade in small batches to achieve the finest flavor. We use non-GMO, locally sourced, certified organic dairy that is antibiotic/hormone free. The ingredients for our flavors are sourced from around the globe from the finest producers. We use no artificial ingredients or high-fructose corn syrup. You can find us at: SOMA Streat Food Park, San Francisco. Come by and enjoy!

Facebook: /poststreetcreamery


Powered By Pork

We serve street food that combines Mexican and Vietnamese flavors and formats, playing on the surprising similarities found in both cuisines. Pop-up/catering. Vietnamese tacos, Mexican banh mi, much much more.

Facebook: /PoweredByPork       Twitter: @powered_by_pork


Red Sauce Meatballs

Red Sauce Meatballs is San Francisco Bay Area’s only, and best, meatball truck! Soon to be a restaurant.

Facebook: /RedSauceMeatballs             Twitter: @redsauceballs


Rib Whip

The Rib Whip is the FIRST EVER BBQ truck with a smoker installed on-board! We’ll be serving amazing southern style BBQ grub to satisfy all your lunch-time and late-night desires!

Facebook: /TheRibWhip                  Twitter: @TheRibWhip

rod bbq

Roderick’s BBQ

Roderick’s BBQ & seafood food truck is the mobile version of their brick & mortar restaurant located in Livermore, CA.  They primarily serve the East Bay area, including Oakland and Fremont.

Facebook: /Rodericksbbq        Twitter: @rodericksbbq


Roli Roti

Herb infused, free range rotisserie chicken, organic rosemary fingerling potatoes, and juicy, crispy porchetta are just a few of the tantalizing delights that have earned Roli Roti the nickname, ‘Grandfather of Gourmet Street Food’.

Facebook: /RoliRoti      Twitter: @RoliRoti

photo (6)

Sabor de San Miguel

From the Mission and 16th BART stop, Sabor de San Miguel produces delicious Guatemalan cuisine, including tamales, taquitos, and more.

Twitter: @SaborSM    Facebook: /SaborSM


Sam’s Chowder Mobile

We serve fresh seafood throughout the Bay Area like our famous Lobster Roll! Lunch, dinner and Lobster Clambakes — at your home, office, or even the beach!

Facebook: /samschowdermobile      Twitter: @chowdermobile



We are a mobile Peruvian food truck base in San Francisco, serving hearty sandwiches stuffed with classic and contemporary Peruvian ingredients, traditional sides and housemade “refrescos”– freshly-blended fruits drinks in flavors such as passion fruit, and purple corn.

Facebook: /SanguchonSF       Twitter: @Sanguchon_SF


Savourie Streets

After 30 great years of full-service, high-end event catering, Savouries & Sweets is going mobile. Our food truck will be serving up our brand of American Comfort Food in cities all over the Bay Area.

Facebook: /SavourieStreets         Twitter: @SavourieStreets


Senor Sisig

This restaurant on wheels takes a traditional Filipino dish called Sisig and fuses it with the flavors of Mexican American cuisine. “Our goal is to be creative as possible with our menu and bring Filipino Food to the masses. Filipino Food has been long over looked as one of the premiere Asian cuisines and we want to provide a door for those who have not yet had the chance to experience the delicious flavors of the Philippines, while at the same time providing something new for those who already love Filipino food like we do.”

Twitter: @senorsig        Website: SenorSisig


Seoul On Wheels

BBQ Princess of Yoon, from the Province of Yummi.

Twitter: @Seoulonwheels                           Website: Seoul On Wheels


Simply Mochi

Simply Mochi specializes in creating little sweet bites of perfection and joy for your mouth.  Our mochi is hand made everyday, using only the freshest ingredients possible.   We strive to provide you a simple ball of happiness that you can enjoy anytime of the day and on all occasions.   With our variety of flavors and our seasonal mochi, we want to excite all palettes.

Facebook: /Simply-Mochi     Twitter: @simplymochisf



The Slider Shack brings you the tastiest sliders.

Facebook: /theslidershacksf       Twitter: @slidershacksf


Smothered Fries

The Poutine & “Stuff on Fries” Truck. What is poutine? Poutine is a dish of French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy and it is delicious!

Facebook: /smotheredsf         Twitter: @SmotheredSF

Stop Shop Roll Truck1

Stop Shop & Roll

A FASHION mobile boutique on wheels selling women and men accessories and neccesties all under $100!

Facebook: /StopShopandRoll     Twitter: @StopShopRoll


Street Dogs

We fell in love with Vienna Beef Chicago Style Hot Dogs long ago, and just couldn’t get enough of them. Since Chicago is a long way to go for a hot dog, we decided to bring the hot dogs to California. What better way to bring them to the Bay Area, than with a new state of the art food truck. Our truck is fun and full of delicious food.

Facebook: /StreetDogTruck      Twitter: @streetdogtruck


Sugar and Spun

A new spin on cotton candy the likes of which you have never seen, featuring artisanal flavors like cheesecake, strawberries and cream, and spiced mango!

Twitter: @sugarandspun         Facebook: /sugarandspun


Sunrise Deli

Serving the Bay Area’s Best Falafel and Middle Eastern food since 1984, now with 3 locations in San Francisco and 1 in Berkeley.

Facebook: /BestFalafel           Twitter: @sunriseDeli


Tacos El Tuca

We are a Mexican catering truck that serves Tacos, Burritos, Quesadillas, Tortas and plates prepared with your choice of meats. All made fresh daily.

Facebook: /TacosElTuca      Twitter: @TacosElTuca


Tandoori Chicken USA

Serving our signature Tandoori Chicken Sandwich’s and other old and new Indian goodies!

Facebook: /TandooriChickenUSA        Twitter: @tcusamobile

tonli dump

Tonli Dumpling House

Welcome to Tonli Dumpling House, a dumpling exploration.

Facebook: /tonlidumpling                 Twitter: @tonlidumpling


TopShelf Boutique

TopShelf Style is fashion with an EDGE. For ladies who care about looking good and know how to do so without “big brand names” this is for you! TopShelf Mobile Boutique plans to launch in SF in April 2012.

Facebook: /TopShelfStyle        Twitter: @topshelfstyle    Website: TopShelfStyle

ultra crepes

Ultra Crepes

made on the spot, from SCRATCH using ALL NATURAL, fresh, locally grown seasonal ingredients called by our home made recipes.

Facebook: /Ultra-Crepes     Twitter: @ultracrepes


Voodoo Van


Facebook: /VoodooVan                Twitter: @VoodooVan


Waffle Roost

Welcome to the Bay Area’s own Chicken & Waffles Truck! We pair (a slightly spicy) traditional buttermilk fried chicken with a true Belgian waffle. We mix and match them in all sorts of ways. Pair that combo with some traditional Southern sides and you’ve been introduced to the Roost. Come check us out! We promise you’ll never look at Chicken and Waffles the same again.

Facebook: /thewaffleroost            Twitter: @TheWaffleRoost


We Sushi

Sushi is the first mobile sushi truck serving the bay area with authentic and fresh sushi and Japanese Cuisine right at its doorstep.

Facebook: /WeSushi                Twitter: @we_sushi


Wes Burger

Award-winning burgers made by Wes Rowe.

Facebook: /TheWesBurger